wildlife garden
Halleria lucida and sunbird

This South African blog, letting nature back in, I began in August 2016 with the intention of celebrating the creatures and plants that inhabit and enrich suburban spaces (especially in my then garden in KwaZulu-Natal), as well as nature in wilder places further afield. Letting nature into our suburbs, gardens and households can shift our priorities with an emphasis on letting go rather than reigning in, on providing sanctuary rather than imposing orderliness. Letting nature in enriches us, as also is evident when visiting wilder places. 

In February 2023, I moved to a village in the Western Cape and continue to photograph and write about nature as I find it and as it finds me or rather this neck of the woods.

About me: naturebackin 1I believe that everyday nature around us, even in suburban environments, can be cherished and nurtured rather than taken for granted or shut out. Now that my spouse and I (and our pets) have moved to the Western Cape to a smaller and more hybrid garden in terms of plants, I intend to share what I discover about living with and learning from nature in an environment that is new to me.

Contact me: email dcbramm@gmail.com