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Raptors, rat poisons and us

The appealing Wood Owl is one of the species of raptors that occur in our neighbourhood. Raptors are generally beneficial to us humans because they prey on species that, if their numbers get out of hand, can become problematic to us, in both urban and rural settings. Continue reading “Raptors, rat poisons and us”

Surprise! The frog that blinked

I was photographing this Common River Frog in the small water feature in our garden. Imagine my surprise when it blinked! Continue reading “Surprise! The frog that blinked”

The Emperor (Moth) has new clothes

Unlike the emperor in the Hans Christian Andersen story, Emperor Moths are gorgeously clad with no need to hire any tailors, deceptive or otherwise. Continue reading “The Emperor (Moth) has new clothes”

An unexpected guest: A longhorned beetle in the spinach patch

Here is a serendipitous juxtaposition: a longhorned beetle on our patch of New Zealand spinach. I use the word serendipitous because it was unforeseen and opportune, and because serendipitous has a great positive ring to it. Continue reading “An unexpected guest: A longhorned beetle in the spinach patch”

Dragonfly hawking

Atop a leaf, a dragonfly perches waiting for prey. Continue reading “Dragonfly hawking”

A wish for the vulnerable

“Sharing wishes with strangers makes a powerful emotional statement”. This week’s photo challenge is inspired by the Japanese tradition of sharing hopes and dreams by writing wishes on small wooden plaques called ema, which are a hung up together in Shinto shrines in the hope that the spirits will grant these wishes. Continue reading “A wish for the vulnerable”

Take me to your Commodore: Garden butterflies from the African savannahs

Even those who don’t like caterpillars tend to like butterflies, perhaps forgetting that caterpillars are the larvae of butterflies? Continue reading “Take me to your Commodore: Garden butterflies from the African savannahs”

The road taken: Snail trail encounter

This large Granular Agate Snail, was making slow but determined progress across our garden lawn. Guessing the direction of the road it had taken, I lay down on the lawn with my camera. Continue reading “The road taken: Snail trail encounter”

A good match: Pollinator and flower

Flowers need pollinating and bees need pollen and nectar. This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo of things that complement each other. Continue reading “A good match: Pollinator and flower”

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