Change is often associated with something unwelcome or even threatening, but the change of seasons that cycle through time is an ongoing process that we and the natural world rely on.

The seasons of spring and autumn we often think of as transitional seasons between summer and winter – perhaps because they feel more fleeting, or the changes that they bring appear to be more significant. The changes of spring are associated with new growth, rebirth and fertility.

The flowers in the photograph blossom in late winter and are harbingers of spring here in South Africa. They are the nectar-rich flowers of the indigenous African tree, the Wild Pear (Dombeya rotundifolia).

These flowers signify change and transition.

As can be seen in the photograph taken in my garden, while some flowers are still white and fresh, other flowers are transitioning to the brown petals that surround the fruit capsules that are already forming in the centre of the flowers.  Soon, as the fruit ripens and is ready to fall, the dry petals act as little wings to float the seeds away through the air. Some seeds may be eaten and give life to others, and some will lodge on suitable ground and perhaps take root, perpetuating the cycle of life.

This post is in response to this week’s photo challenge, Delta, inviting us to share a picture that symbolises transitions, change and the passing of time. To see photos from other bloggers on this theme, see here

“One thing
Still remains
Seasons seasons change”

From a song by Anastacia

Posted by Carol