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Against the odds: Finding tree frogs in flowers

The odds against identifying this tree frog were not good, as they have very variable colouration, so I hope that I am right in saying that this is a Natal Forest Tree Frog.  We live close to the edge of its range, and that reduces the odds of seeing it here, in our inland garden, when they are more common in the coastal region. Continue reading “Against the odds: Finding tree frogs in flowers”

Cats and the wildlife garden

What to do if you love wild birds, but you also love cats? We decided to choose a compromise that we think of as a middle way. Continue reading “Cats and the wildlife garden”

The ambience of first light

The soft slanting light of the early morning sun lends a special ambience to the garden. Continue reading “The ambience of first light”

Anticipating attracting a mate

He built this nest in anticipation of attracting a mate.   Continue reading “Anticipating attracting a mate”

Festive decorations in the garden

Some Christmas decorations, still popular today, are adopted from old winter solstice traditions.   Continue reading “Festive decorations in the garden”


The sun always on their horizon, a new horizon every day! The gerbera daisies in our garden are showing me the way. Continue reading “Simplicity”

Christmas cards and robins

Even in sunny South Africa, European winter traditions are evident at Christmas time. There are Christmas cards that feature red-breasted European robins and there was a time when shop windows sported cotton-wool snow and plastic holly, even though December is at the height of the southern hemisphere summer!  Continue reading “Christmas cards and robins”

It’s not this time of the year without … flowers and honeybees

The summer garden is made special by gorgeous flowers that attract birds and insects, and most noticeably, the industrious honeybee. Continue reading “It’s not this time of the year without … flowers and honeybees”

The snake that tamed me

I first time I saw this snake was when it fell out of a grapevine over our back deck. I was sweeping the deck and it fell on the deck right beside me, much to my surprise, its surprise and the surprise of our two dogs. Continue reading “The snake that tamed me”

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