Some of these photos taken in our garden last year strike me as being little bit quirky. So here they are, without titles or captions, to provide a little undemanding diversion.

I am not sure why I think they are quirky – perhaps something about the subject itself or the way the photo was taken is a little unusual or eccentric.

‘Quirky’ is an interesting word with overtones of idiosyncratic, peculiar, unpredictable, odd, individual, original or strange.

The word ‘quirk’ is of unknown origin. In addition to meanings relating to idiosyncrasy or a peculiar trait, a second sense of the word relates to an abrupt twist or curve, and a third sense to accident or vagary, such as in the phrase ‘a quirk of fate’ (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

I quite like that quirky can relate to something that is accidental as well as to something that might be intentional.

It is something akin to pedantic to insist that art/photography/writing must always be intentional. But in fact happy accidents, good luck and unforeseen coincidence may all play a role in creating the outcome.

I took these photos last year, and I can’t remember if I was consciously striving for an effect or merely recording what caught my attention in the moment.

Some preoccupations reassert themselves but it can be nice to deliberately try for new angles.

And fortuitous finds can be captured at the moment of discovery.

Some such finds may be ignored – even walked on – or attract one’s eye; for instance raindrops on discarded termite wings.

As the seasons cycle we have opportunities to observe anew.

I hope you find some quirkiness where you are to delight and divert even if for a moment or two.

Posted by Carol