I grew up with raucous calling of the Hadeda Ibis. When at dusk they call in unison as they fly back to their roosts, when at dawn they call seemingly to advertise their presence to their neighbours, and even the frequent callouts during the day to keep in touch with family members or to warn of dangers from predators; I love the sound.

Hadeda ibis calling after bathing

A rather wet Hadeda Ibis, calling out to its family after a bath in the garden pond.

It is the ever-present local soundtrack. With all this noisy calling – from rooftops, from lampposts and when patrolling garden lawns probing for food – many people dislike their rowdiness. But for me, rather like the sounds of children playing, the call of the Hadeda signifies continuity and familiarity.

Posted by Carol at letting nature back in.