Curves, rounds and circles are numerous in nature and are reflected in these photos taken in our garden over a period of time. The monochrome serves to emphasise the geometry of the shapes.

Floating lily pads in garden pond

Lily pads – floating circles in the garden pond

Round cross-sections of logs in firewood pile

Round cross-sections of stacked wood in our firewood stash

Crinum lily flower and bud

Rounded curves of the petals and buds of a crinum lily

Tadpole embryos in egg sacs in garden pond

Tadpole embryos curled in their spherical egg sacs that float near the surface of the pond


Rounded petals, buds and leaves of a flowering cassia


An orb spider web radiating out from a central circle

Concentric circles in the curves of bract fungi

Concentric rings on the rounded curves of bract fungi

 Posted by Carol

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