Seeing an African Paradise Flycatcher in the garden always brings me joy. They are not only beautiful, but to the human ear their chirruping call is most cheering.

They are very active birds, appearing either alone or in pairs, rapidly flitting from branch to branch. Because these small and busy birds are difficult to photograph, if I am able to catch them in a photo at all, it brings a smile to my face. I am yet to get a photo of one dramatically plunge-bathing in the pond.

Paradise-Flycatcher 2

Perhaps this photo of a female African Paradise Flycatcher, perching momentarily on a garden gate, conveys a hint of their rather out-there personality

Paradise-flycatcher 3

A male African Paradise Flycatcher revealing something of his long tail feathers and showing how tiny these birds are

P.S. I feel I should explain that because of ongoing illness in my family I have not been able to engage either with my blog or visit other blogs as much as usual

Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge that invites us to show something that makes us smile or brings a moment of joy. For other images that make us smile see here

Posted by Carol