Our suburban sunrises and sunsets are circumscribed compared to those we have experienced in wilder places. In contrast to wide open spaces such as in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, our garden skyscapes are fringed by trees and the horizons are close and small.


At sunset the vast grasslands of the Kalahari Desert are bathed in golden light, and grazing animals cast long shadows across backlit tufts of grass, as in this photo taken by my spouse when we visited the Central Kalahari Game Reserve last year

Such golden vistas are not to be found in our suburb, but despite this significant difference, ritual weekend sundowners can be almost as pleasurable in our suburban garden as when we are out there in the great outdoors of the Kalahari.

Sunset-sundowner-garden 2

Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Set/Rise; sharing shots taken at the end of the day including the twilight ritual of sundowners. For responses from other bloggers see here

 Posted by Carol