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Southern African birds

A feisty strategist: The Fork-tailed Drongo

Fork-tailed Drongos are active visitors to our garden. In the summer months they are at their most conspicuous, issuing their jumbled call while perching in trees, sallying forth to hawk insects.

In the 1985 edition of Roberts Birds of South Africa the calls of the Fork-tailed Drongo are rather delightfully described: “Song loud jumble of strident twanging, creaking and rasping sounds like unoiled wooden wagon wheels; imitates other birdcalls; call note single trumpetlike twank or twilling; vocal on moonlit nights”. Continue reading “A feisty strategist: The Fork-tailed Drongo”

Weekly Photo Find: Red-headed Finch

As the Weekly Photo Challenge series has come to an end, I thought I’d still like to post a single photo each week, alongside one of my usual posts. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Find: Red-headed Finch”

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