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Addo Elephant National Park

Weekly Photo Find: Buffalo encountering a tortoise

This week’s photo find is of two buffalo approaching a tortoise, grazing near a waterhole in the Addo Elephant National Park. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Find: Buffalo encountering a tortoise”

Weekly Photo Find: Scrub Hare

There was one clear view through the stems of surrounding shrubbery of this Scrub Hare remaining motionless in dappled shade, apparently hoping not to be seen, one foreleg extended rather elegantly forward. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Find: Scrub Hare”

Trunks playfully twisted

These two young elephants were jousting near a water hole. As they pushed and shoved they often raised their trunks and twisted them together during their good-natured wrestling. Continue reading “Trunks playfully twisted”

Southern Boubou: A bushshrike that’s usually quite shy

The Southern Boubou is most noticeable on account of its ringing duetting call. It is an audible presence in our garden, and we catch glimpses of the pair hopping through low dense foliage, but they are shy and it is difficult to get a clear view of them. These photos were taken on a recent road trip to the Western Cape and back. Cheating perhaps? Continue reading “Southern Boubou: A bushshrike that’s usually quite shy”

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