Maybe it’s the lockdown. Maybe it’s that we had no electricity for a day and a night. Maybe it’s because the municipal dump is on fire and choking us all with toxic smoke. Maybe it’s because there is no electricity again this evening. Whatever, but I thought it was Wednesday.

But in fact it’s Thursday already. I just found that out. Truth is I don’t have a blog post ready to publish today, on Thursday, my usual posting day. Sorry about that. So what I will do is post tomorrow – on Friday.

I have been watching the comings and goings at one of the birdbaths in the garden – an ongoing distraction from the surging Covid-19 infections in our town, region and province.

Tomorrow I will share some of the photos I took.

Vervet monkey drinking from garden birdbath, KwaZulu-Natal

So, this is just to say that this has been a strange week. But tomorrow is another day.  

Posted by Carol