Seeking a sense of calmness in nature, in simplicity and in accepting transience, I have chosen some images that bring to me a sense of grace.

Fading flowers and bud of a crinum lily

Beauty can be found in basic and simple things that reflect weathering and impermanence. And in nature, we may find solace in tranquility and quietness, and in a sense of freedom from convention. 

Perfection can seem like a precisely defined something to strive for, but being open to the ordinary and the natural we can respond to an aesthetic that embraces change, nuance and humility.

Reflections of plants in pond

Awareness in nature’s unpretentious presence can help us find a sense of connection that may guide us through turbulent times.

Tree fuschia in flower

I took these photos in our garden in different seasons over the past few years.

Flush of leaves in the springtime
Balanced stones
Ginger cat and flowers of the wild iris, South Africa
Brown-hooded kingfisher perched in a tree, KwaZulu-Natal
Gerbera flower and bud
Carpenter bee at nest
Leaves of Strelizia reginae
Concrete owl and potted plants
Perching weaver birds in garden, South Africa
Blue flowers of Plumbago auriculata, South Africa
Stained glass panel from a Victorian door, South Africa
Small cascade in garden pond

Posted by Carol