There are two dictionary definitions of cheerfulness: first, the quality or state of being noticeably happy and optimistic; and second, the quality of causing happiness.

In this holiday season, I would like us all to be noticeably happy and optimistic, and I thought that the sunshine qualities of yellow might be happiness-causing, for those of us who might need a little encouragement.

OYellow flowers of Ochna natalensis in wildlife-friendly garden

In recent posts, I have been out and about, but for this post I return to images taken in our garden.

Cape White-eye at birdbatg

Of course many flowers are yellow, or feature yellow, but a surprising number of garden birds are yellow too, including this Cape White-eye, visiting one of the garden birdbaths and enjoying a shower provided by the bathing antics of its companion.

Flower of Dietes grandiflora, wild iris

Although the flowers of the large wild iris (Dietes grandiflora) are mostly white, they have prominent yellow nectar guides, which are thought to lead pollinators to the nectar and pollen at the centre of the flower.

Black-ringed Ladybird, South Africa

The yellow of this Black-ringed Ladybird is nicely set of by the black markings.

African Olive Pigeon - Rameron - perching in a tree in wildlife-friendly garden

The vivid yellow bill, eye-ring and feet of this African Olive Pigeon (also known as the Rameron Pigeon) definitely add a degree of cheerfulness.

Honeybees visiting flowers of a fence aloe

We like think that bees are cheerful in their industry. Perhaps because most pollen is yellow, yellow is a pollinator’s favourite colour? This fence aloe (Aloe tenuior) does bring a dose of sunshine to the garden.

Leaves of powderpuff tree - Barringtonia racemosa

This photo of the leaves of the Powderpuff tree (Barringtonia racemosa) that were starting to turn yellow (prior to dropping in early summer) was taken in midwinter. In the wild these trees are associated with coastal swamps and mangroves.

Hoverfly visiting flower of the Bulbine frutescens.

A hoverfly visiting the delicate small flowers of the Bulbine frutescens.

Nectarines in yellow-rimmed dish

Summer fruits: cheerful nectarines on a yellow-rimmed enamel plate.

Yellow Kniphofia (Hotpoker) in grassland in suburban garden

A cheerfully yellow Kniphofia in our mini-grassland. Even the yellow ones are known as red-hot pokers.

Black-headed Oriole, South Africa

The striking yellow of the gorgeous Black-headed Oriole shows up from afar. Just as cheerful as its golden colour, to human ears at least, is its lovely call.

Honeybee visiting the flower of the paintbrush lily (Haemanthus albiflos)

The yellow-tipped stamens of the winter flowering paintbrush lily (Haemanthus albiflos) attract a honeybee. The pollen sacs on its hind legs are already bulging with pollen.

Flower and stamens of the Clivia miniata

More yellow-tipped stamens – these belong to a flower of the popular spring-flowering Clivia miniata.

Darkcapped Bulbul and Spectacled Weaver sharing birdbath, KZN

Seeming not that keen on sharing the birdbath, a Darkcapped Bulbul, with its noticeable yellow rump, and a bright yellow Spectacled Weaver are trying to decide what to do next.

Yellow flowering Gerbera species, South Africa

The happily tousled petals of a cheerfully yellow hybrid Gerbera, flowering in the garden in the springtime.

Carpenter bee visiting flowers of the African dog rose

The yellow bands on this Carpenter Bee tone cheerfully with the golden-yellow stamens of the African Dog Rose (Xylotheca kraussiana).

Bee pollinating flower of the yellow or golden Everlasting

Another yellow flower that is popular with many pollinators, including this honeybee, is the Yellow Everlasting (Helichrysum cooperi).

Lighted candle to remember friends and family who have died

As the year draws to a close and at Christmas time, we remember friends and families who are no longer with us. The yellow light of candles lit in their remembrance shed a comforting glow as we celebrate kith and kin and the lives of those we cherished.

Posted by Carol

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