Stowed away in a storeroom that got flooded in a storm, this old valve radio suffered some water damage. It is now silent and awaits repairs.

The radio first belonged to my grandparents, and was passed on to my parents. The radio had really good shortwave reception, and as a child I would turn the dial to crackle my way through – mostly indecipherable – broadcasts from all over the world. When reception was good, the radio did have a lovely warm tone. After switching it on, waiting for the valves to warm up had a certain romance, as did the faint background hum.

Recently retrieved from the storeroom, the old radio was given to me by my mother, and we wonder if we can restore to its former crackly glory. But for now, it remains silent.

When I set about taking this photograph, Ella the cat silently decided to join in. Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Silence

Posted by Carol