Nougat the cat got cornered when doing some high-altitude exploring. Here he is apparently stuck on the corner at the top of the grocery cupboard in a corner of the kitchen.

Nougat is one of our rescued feral kittens. He was found tiny and all alone with his eyes not yet open (about 10 days old) at my husband’s workplace and given to a fork-lift driver to look after. So he could carry on with his work after summonsing my husband to come and rescue the kitten, the driver placed the kitten in a cardboard box and drove around with it so as to keep the kitten safe.

Long story short, I later fetched the tiny, frightened, dehydrated and hungry kitten, and took him home. He became our third singleton bottle-reared kitten.

He was vaguely pinkish when he was tiny, and he was very, very, very sweet and so obviously, he was called Nougat.

Nougat survived against the odds and he has completely stolen a substantial corner of my heart.


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Posted by Carol