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Vegetable garden

Danger! Fire on the line

When we picked green chillies from a new plant in our garden, they had no flavour at all. So when they ripened to red we added them liberally when cooking our supper. Continue reading “Danger! Fire on the line”

Tiny ambush hunter

Tiny, but able to attack prey up to three times its size this brightly coloured flower crab spider (Thomisus genus) waits on a nasturtium flower in our vegetable garden for potential victims. Continue reading “Tiny ambush hunter”

Letting nature back in via a kitchen garden

Vegetable garden cherry tomatoesThere is a place for a vegetable patch in any suburban garden, including wildlife-friendly gardens. Letting nature back in can include growing food plants and letting nature into your kitchen. In keeping with my rather laissez-faire attitude to gardening, we stick with herbs and vegetables that are relatively easy to grow and suited to the local climate and soils. Continue reading “Letting nature back in via a kitchen garden”

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