letting nature back in

nature and nurture in suburban spaces



Yer Greens: Freshly picked

The autumn days are shortening here in South Africa, but our small vegetable garden is still yielding edible greens. Continue reading “Yer Greens: Freshly picked”

Solitude in the suburbs

The images used in letting nature back in are limited to photographs I take in our suburban garden. In response to this week’s photo challenge: “Solitude … show us what being alone means to you”, the question arises, how to convey solitude in the suburbs? Continue reading “Solitude in the suburbs”

Waste not whatnots

Repurposing reduces waste, extends the life of items put to new use, and taps our undiscovered creativity. Continue reading “Waste not whatnots”

Wildlife gardeners, dogs and other animals

Many nature lovers also love domestic animals. Part of letting nature back in can be in the form of sharing our lives with our companion animals. Although there is potential for conflict, pet dogs can coexist with wildlife in a suburban garden. Here are some pointers to good neighbourliness between domestic dogs and wild animals in suburban spaces and gardens. Continue reading “Wildlife gardeners, dogs and other animals”

Fairy-tale fungi: The magic of mushrooms

Not all fungi produce mushrooms, but for those that do, the mushroom is akin to a flower or fruit in a plant. This small mushroom is known as Fairies Bonnets and it lives on decaying wood.  Continue reading “Fairy-tale fungi: The magic of mushrooms”

The ambience of first light

The soft slanting light of the early morning sun lends a special ambience to the garden. Continue reading “The ambience of first light”

After winter, spring

After the hardships of winter, spring brings new life.
Continue reading “After winter, spring”


Whatever path one travels, the future is often obscure. Accepting and admitting confusion can paradoxically transform into a moment of truth. Such illuminations cannot be sought, but are sometimes found.  Continue reading “Translucence”

On the veranda

My favourite place for relaxing is the veranda, an intermediate zone not really inside and not really outside. I like to go out onto the veranda to watch the world go by, the birds go by, the sun go by, or maybe to enjoy a book, a cup of tea, a sundowner, a conversation, or simply just to sit. The veranda can be a meditative place.  Continue reading “On the veranda”

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