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New horizons

Well, it is a surprise that the Weekly Photo Challenge comes to an end this week. Over the years this series has in itself been a favourite, and it has inspired and connected many bloggers on WordPress. Continue reading “New horizons”

I saw it on the grapevine

A Natal Green Snake ascends the grapevine, keeping an eye on me as I photograph it through the window. Continue reading “I saw it on the grapevine”

Magical refractions

After photographing droplets of rain on various plants in the garden, it was only later that I realized that I’d caught refracted images of flowers in some of the droplets. Magical or lucky – is there a difference?  Continue reading “Magical refractions”

Following the silk road: Processionary caterpillars in our suburban garden: Part 1

Each autumn, dozens of hairy caterpillars congregate on the Cross-berry trees in our garden. These caterpillars are the larvae of the moth named Reticulate Bagnet (Anaphe reticulata). They become conspicuous not only because they congregate in groups on tree trunks and even on plant pots, but they are also noticeable for following each other head to tail in long single-file trails, hence the collective name for this type of caterpillar: processionary caterpillar.

Continue reading “Following the silk road: Processionary caterpillars in our suburban garden: Part 1”

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