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Invasive plants

Ouhout: An adaptable and tenacious survivor

The holiday association of shrubby Ouhout trees lining mountain streams and hiking trails meant that we were delighted to find an established Ouhout growing in the garden when we moved into our current home some years ago. The Afrikaans name, used also by English speakers, ‘Ouhout’ literally means ‘old wood’, and even young plants have a woody gnarled appearance.

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Crocosmia aurea: Saffron-scented falling stars

The rich lushness of the Crocosmia flowering in late summer, is a sign that autumn is imminent. The increasingly golden light of autumn perfectly enhances the oranges and reds of this season of change, preceding the more subtle colours of winter. Continue reading “Crocosmia aurea: Saffron-scented falling stars”

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