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Hairy caterpillar

Weekly photo find: Long-haired caterpillar

This little caterpillar has impressively long hair down the entire length of its body. It looks rather as if it has just left the hair salon. Continue reading “Weekly photo find: Long-haired caterpillar”

African Emerald Cuckoo feasts on hairy caterpillars

The Processionary Caterpillars are out in full force again this autumn, providing easy pickings for this female African Emerald Cuckoo. Continue reading “African Emerald Cuckoo feasts on hairy caterpillars”

Caterpillar over the edge!

Almost the point of no return over this sharp edge for this caterpillar. No it did not plummet into the abyss. After a rather hairy moment wavering over the edge, it had enough legs to hang on as it turned around to safety. I don’t know the ID of this extravagantly hairy little guy, so if anyone does, I’d be glad to know what it is.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

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