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Dark-capped Bulbul

Winter solstice birds in the garden

In our dry winters, visiting birds make the most of the birdbaths in our garden. In this winter solstice week I decided to spend time photographing some of our mid-winter avian visitors.

Continue reading “Winter solstice birds in the garden”

The Puzzle Bush: Tough, pretty and nutritious

Among the first spring flowers are the delicately scented lilac-hued blossoms of the shrubby Puzzle bush. Continue reading “The Puzzle Bush: Tough, pretty and nutritious”

Favourite garden birds to cherish: Dark-capped Bulbul (aka Toppie)

Birds that are common in suburban gardens bring life and liveliness that we sometimes take for granted. This is the first in a series of posts on favourite birds: familiarity breeds respect! Continue reading “Favourite garden birds to cherish: Dark-capped Bulbul (aka Toppie)”

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