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Letting nature show and tell

In my go-with-the-flow-garden I hope to provide a space for myriad natural processes – only some of which I even notice. I have been thinking about some of the more obvious interactions that allow the garden to sustain itself and its network of visitors and residents.

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Black-headed Oriole: Golden bird of the African treetops

Here is a bird that lives up to its beautiful namethe word “oriole” derives from the Latin for “golden”. Continue reading “Black-headed Oriole: Golden bird of the African treetops”

Birds just wanna have fun: Birds bathing, drinking and splashing about

Some may think I am being frivolous in attributing human characteristics (aka anthropomorphism) to birds by suggesting that when splashing about, dunking and dipping, birds at our bird baths are enjoying themselves and having fun. Perhaps I need to be reminded that for birds (and everyone else), drinking and regulating body temperature are essential to survival, and it goes without saying that surviving is not about fun. And also, keeping feathers well-groomed improves a bird’s ability to fly, also essential to bird survival. Continue reading “Birds just wanna have fun: Birds bathing, drinking and splashing about”

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