Few words this week as I share a small selection of photos using the zoom lens for a slightly closer look. All these photos were taken on our recent trip to Kruger National Park.

Well-spotted – a cheetah watching distant impala

Solitary senior – a lovely old elephant eating while close to the road. I guess that the well-worn groove towards the end of his right tusk is likely due to years of stripping bark off trees

Doe-eyed – a female kudu browsing

Hippo hide – being eye-balled by a hippo while I was sitting in a hide at Shimuwini Bushveld Camp overlooking the Letaba River in Kruger National Park

Lilac-breasted roller – what more can one say?

Silent sentry – water thick-knee (dikkop) near standing water in mopane woodland after recent rain

Patient hunter – female saddle-billed stork at a small natural waterhole

In a jungle of grasses – dwarf mongoose

Sniffing around – a water monitor lizard checking things out on the pathway outside our chalet at Sirheni Bushveld Camp at Kruger National Park

Like sunshine on a cloudy day – little bee-eater

Fine feathers – Swainson’s spurfowl

Sad-eyed buffalo of the lowlands

It’s good to know that there are still some areas of the Earth where wild things run free.

Wishing you all peace, health and happiness over the festive season.

Posted by Carol